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Seacoast Trust

The Seacoast Trust envisions a new economic model for Southeast Alaska, one in which access to capital and a strong foundation of Indigenous values form the basis for healthy communities, in tandem with the conservation of natural resources for the benefit of future generations.
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Shifting the Power

Since 2016, the Shifting the Power Coalition has helped the diverse women of the Pacific Islands respond to climate change and disasters, bringing attention to women’s collective peacebuilding, community-led activism and innovation. This regional alliance embraces an intergenerational approach, bring solidarity to regional women’s networks while strengthening their collective power and influence.
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CLARIFI is an international funding mechanism led by the Rights and Resources Initiative and Campaign for Nature. It aims to help raise $10 billion by 2030 and strategically deploy public and private funds to formally recognize more land rights of Indigenous Peoples’ and  Afro-descendant Peoples’ in an effort to bolster conservation and sustainable management of their territories.